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Errors and Omissions with The Cambridge Insurance AgencyAs the saying goes, “no one is perfect,” and no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to never make a mistake. Beyond that, there are often unforeseen and uncontrollable events that can affect your business dealings. Errors and omissions coverage can save your business from potentially bankrupting lawsuits resulting from these events. Whether it’s a mistake on the part of one of your employees, or even baseless claims against your company, errors and omissions insurance protects you against the fallout from events beyond your control.

The term “errors and omissions” can mean a variety of things, including an error on the part of your company, an error of an independent contractor you’ve hired, and even failure to abide by a contract. Even if you haven’t committed an error, it’s still costly and time-consuming to defend yourself against unfounded allegations. Errors and omissions insurance keeps you safe from the costs of lawsuits and the potential settlements from these lawsuits, as well as unspecified damages.

If you own a business, then you need errors and omissions coverage, and The Cambridge Insurance Agency can help. Rather than take away time from running your business to look for the best errors and omissions insurance for your company, let The Cambridge Insurance Agency shop for you. Not only do we work with multiple carriers to get the best plan for your business, but we can even save you money. Although it’s highly recommended to get errors and omissions coverage before you begin doing business, it’s never too late to protect your assets.

Don’t let a small mistake destroy your business; call or e-mail The Cambridge Insurance Agency today for more on how we can help you with errors and omissions.

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