Florida Flood Insurance from North Port to Tallahassee to Daytona Beach

Being such a low-lying state, Florida is especially susceptible to flooding. In fact, Florida flood insurance is required for many homeowners in this state, since many homes stand in flood zones. Even if your house is not required to have Florida flood insurance, it’s still a smart idea to protect your investment and your belongings with this exceptionally important coverage. Just a few inches of flooding can result in thousands of dollars worth of damages, and a high category hurricane can bring well over a dozen inches of rain, as well as winds strong enough to break windows, opening your home’s interior to a torrential downpour. Although many people don’t realize it, most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover flooding, leaving them both literally and figuratively stranded after a catastrophe. Furthermore, residential Florida flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program, often called the insurance of last resort, only allows for up to $250,000 for a structure, so if your home is worth more than that and it gets destroyed in a flood, you may be left with the rest of the bill. For homes valued at over $250,000, excess flood insurance is an option, but going with a private carrier for your Florida flood insurance is also a solution you should consider heavily, since the caps on these coverages are usually higher.

Regardless of where you live in the beautiful state of Florida, flood insurance with The Cambridge Insurance Agency is a cinch. Using a unique, brokerage approach to insurance, we can help you get affordable yet extensive coverage. At The Cambridge Insurance Agency, we’ll do the shopping for you; not only do we bargain with multiple carriers to get the lowest rate, but we can often bundle insurances like homeowners and auto together with your Florida flood insurance to provide you with an unbeatable package. Coupled with our unparalleled customer service, you’ve got the protection you need with the service you deserve.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t including Florida flood insurance or that the total value of your home isn’t covered; call or e-mail The Cambridge Insurance Agency today to see how we can help you get affordable and thorough coverage.

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