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Group Health Insurance in Tampa, Florida & Beyond from The Cambridge Insurance AgencyGroup health insurance is a type of health insurance policy that businesses offer their employees as part of a benefits package. From an Orlando, Florida car dealership with a staff of 20 to a Tampa Bay area grocery store chain with thousands of employees, group health insurance is a common concern for all businesses, no matter what their size.

In our experience, most companies want a group health insurance plan that is affordable for the business as well as the employees and their families. Equally important is the desire to have a group health insurance plan providing good coverage for everyone’s individual medical needs.

However, price and coverage are not the only issues an employer will encounter when purchasing group health insurance. These policies are also regulated by the government at the federal and state level. Therefore, if you own a Tampa Bay area business and you want to provide group health insurance for yourself and your employees, you will need to learn the U.S. laws governing group health insurance, as well as the Florida laws.

At The Cambridge Insurance Agency, we understand that many business owners don’t have time to study the many regulations that come with group health insurance. In addition, many businesses—especially small businesses—do not have their own department of human resources to handle the intricacies of group health insurance policies.

Thankfully for businesses in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and throughout the state of Florida, The Cambridge Insurance Agency is here to help you navigate the many group health insurance options so that you are able to make the best choice for your company. We can compile group health insurance quotes from virtually every carrier available, saving you time, money, and hassle so that you can concentrate on more pressing business matters.

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