Vision Insurance to Protect Eyes from Tampa to Miami

Although you may have health insurance, this often only covers major issues like eye surgery, leaving you to pay the costs associated with the smaller, yet extremely expensive, aspects of eye care.  Whether you wear glasses or contacts, bifocals or progressive lenses, or any other type of corrective products, vision insurance can help you reduce the costs of your eyewear, exams, and other services. As eye trouble can be genetic, these lower expenses can truly be a lifesaver for families with children who all need glasses or contacts. However, finding the right vision insurance for your needs – and a price you can afford – can be both time consuming and troublesome. Even if you know exactly what you need, finding the best deal takes time, and bargaining with providers to get a lower price takes knowledge and skill.

Vision insurance is distinct from general health insurance in the areas it covers. Often, these plans include discounts on:

  • Corrective procedures such as LASIK and PRK
  • Annual eye exams, including dilation
  • Contact lenses
  • Eyeglass frames and lenses

With The Cambridge Insurance Agency, you don’t have to spend your time on hold with different carriers trying to get someone to give you a quote or a better rate on your vision insurance; we do all the shopping for you. Not only can we help you figure out which plan best fits your needs, but we also shop multiple carriers to find the best deal on your perfect vision insurance plan. Plus, we can bundle plans, such as combining dental and vision insurance in Florida, so your rates drop even more without sacrificing coverage.

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